Market Night attendance hits high at all 3 squares

Lynda and Greg Mueller, of the Village of Pinellas, shop at Ingrid’s Workshop with their dog, Ben, during Market Night.

New vendors, layouts and other updates to Market Night brought people out to all three squares this week.

Brownwood Paddock Square had its first Market Night on Thursday, which brought droves of patrons to browse new items, enjoy nightly entertainment and check out shops and restaurants.

“We’re definitely very pleased,” said special events manager Nadia Skertich-Lester. “People are excited about the new layouts and procedures, and they got to see vendors they haven’t had a chance to see for a while.”

Skertich-Lester and her team worked for months to revitalize Market Night by changing the set up and bringing in new vendors with a focus on handmade products.

Market Night will now be held at all three squares every week — on Tuesdays at Spanish Springs, Wednesdays at Lake Sumter Landing and Thursdays at Brownwood from 5 to 9 p.m. in conjunction with nightly entertainment.

Skertich-Lester said about 90 percent of the vendors made it to every square, and she received good feedback from both residents and vendors.

“(The changes) have brought a focus back to Market Night and gave the vendors an opportunity that they’re excited about,” Skertich-Lester said. “It’s being brought to the forefront again, and people are encouraged to come out.”

Patrons of the squares should take the time to visit all three Market Night locations, as each square has different vendors and products.

Plus, more new vendors will be added in November and December, Skertich-Lester said.

While Brownwood’s first Market Night was extremely successful, there are still a few kinks to iron out.

“We still have some minor adjustments to do with the Brownwood layout, because Thursday was our first time taking it from paper to reality,” Skertich-Lester said.

Patrons can still see their favorite vendors, as well as check out the new handmade, artistic items now for sale.

“Overall, the response from residents was fabulous,” Skertich-Lester said. “We greatly appreciate people coming out and supporting all three squares.”