Knock around the disc

Suzanne Speed, left, of the Village of Pennecamp, and Gerry Bosshardt, of the Village of Fernandina, enjoy playing shuffleboard with The Villages Shuffleboard Club.

Shuffleboard player Jan Witt, of the Village of Fenney, knocked Mary Landholt’s disc out of the scoring area and cheered a little.

They both laughed when Landholt’s disc curved on the next shot and couldn’t knock Witt’s unprotected disc out of the scoring area.

The Villages Shuffleboard Club is taking new players who want to join a team for the 2019-20 season that will begin in mid-September, President Ron Rehkamp said. Last year, the club had 89 teams.

“People think if you’re playing shuffleboard, you’re coming out and just hitting discs,” Witt said. “But there’s a strategy to block a shot or hide a shot. There’s different strategies to block or hide or snuggle or try to push somebody into the kitchen.” 

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