Family upholds tradition with golf tournament

Belle Glade Country Club hosted the Grigg family for their annual golf tournament this week. It is the first tournament for the family in The Villages in the event’s 56-year existence. Family members traveled to The Villages from as far away as California to attend the golf tournament.

The Grigg family’s most prized possession only cost them 50 cents.

Members of the family come together for a golf tournament each year and compete to have their name engraved on a trophy that was originally purchased for less than a dollar, but has been passed down through generations.

The family held this tournament in The Villages for the first time Tuesday at Belle Glade Country Club.

Seventeen people played in the tournament, seven of whom currently live in The Villages.

“This tournament is about heritage and fun,” said Jim Grigg, of the Village of Osceola Hills.

The family tradition began in Illinois in 1963, when five family members joined together to form a golf group.

Lindell Grigg , of the Village of Sanibel, and Jim are cousins. Their fathers were Southern Baptist ministers who played golf frequently.

“Religion is a big part of our family,” Jim said. “We start out with an invocation every time before we play.”

Family members traveled to The Villages from as far away as California to attend the golf tournament. Lindell said it also serves as a weeklong family reunion.

Although the tournament is a fun activity for the family to do together, it also becomes competitive, Jim said.

“In this family, you’re either the best or you’re not,” he said.

Nobody in the family is more familiar with winning than Ron Grigg, who has won the tournament more than any other family member in its 55-year existence.

“I’m tickled to death to have won more than anyone else — it’s an honor,” Ron said.

Lindell said they have always been a close family, spending vacations and holidays surrounded by cousins.

“We hope to see this (tournament) continue to the third and fourth generation to honor our parents,” Lindell said.

The tournament stretched over three days, with a practice round held Monday, competitive rounds Tuesday and the conclusion this evening.

Though they won’t know who the winner is until tonight, the senior generations have history on their side.

“Over the years, we’ve only had two third-generation winners,” Jim said.

With seven family members already calling The Villages home, the family anticipates holding more tournaments in The Villages as the tradition lives on.

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