Busy bakers bring joy to Wildwood

Busy Baker Karen Dempsey, of the Village of El Cortez, delivers her ginger snap cookies and pound cake to the Wildwood Soup Kitchen.

A little bit of kindness and a community-minded heart can make all the difference for those less fortunate.

Three times a week, 10 to 12 Busy Bakers members provide homemade desserts to the Wildwood Soup Kitchen. They do this with an unwavering commitment and a unique humility about the good that they are doing in the surrounding community.

“We do this because we enjoy bringing joy to people who have no choices,” said Diane Davis, founder of the Busy Bakers. “Many are disadvantaged and, for me, it is worth it to put a nice piece of chocolate cake, a brownie or a cookie in front of them and bring a smile to their faces. I am so happy to be able to bring joy to others who have so little.”

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