Bask in the spotlight

Billie Thatcher, of the Village of Springdale, sings the song, “A Wonderful Guy,” on stage in the lobby of the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center during the “Don’t Tell Nonnie” program.

Most people who go to the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center go to see a show.

But what if you could be a part of a show?

At “Don’t Tell Nonnie,” the spotlight is all yours.

“Don’t Tell Nonnie” is an open-mic event created by The Sharon’s artistic director Whitney Morse. The event was inspired by the famous New York piano bar, Don’t Tell Mama, and was created to honor the memory of Morse’s grandmother, Sharon Morse, who Whitney and her cousins called “Nonnie.”

Whitney usually assures patrons that, despite the name of the event, they could tell Nonnie, who would’ve loved it and been right up there singing with them.


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