Residents Wake Up to Surprising Lawn Objects

Vivian Rogers, of the Village of Gilchrist, gives Village of Gilchrist resident Pat Santulli's dog, Star, a treat as they walk to inspect a flamingo left in the yard.

Even through social distancing, Pat Santulli is learning more about her neighbors.

For the past week, residents of Atmore Villas, located in the Village of Gilchrist, have awakened to surprises in their yards. During the course of the week, Santulli and her neighbors have awakened to plastic flamingos dressed in items tailored toward their interests, green balloons and even American flags in their yards. However, they still aren’t sure who is placing the items.

“Just about every day there is something new,” Santulli, of the Village of Gilchrist, said. “Seeing these things really brightens up my day, especially since I’m in partial isolation.”

On March 14, residents began the day by finding plastic decorated flamingos on everyone’s front yard.

“Each one was tailored with flamboyant decorations, but also with thoughtfulness based on what that individual enjoyed,” Santulli said. “There was a flamingo for a teacher who also enjoys a glass of wine and it was holding books and a wine glass.”

Santulli said many were feeling down, considering what is going on in the world with coronavirus. She said the unnamed individual placing items in the yards has brought some joy.

“Every day that there is something new, you know that the individual is just trying to brighten our lives,” she said. “They deserve to be recognized because they are doing an amazing job. We do appreciate what they are doing.”

When it came to the flamingos, Santulli said it was fun to see what was put for every person.

“It was fun to see everyone in the street walking the circle and laughing with others,” she said. “My flamingo had a book and a golf club. It also had a string of macaroni noodles because I am Italian, but they also gave my flamingo a leash leading to a dog with the name ‘Star’ on it. That was cute, because my dog’s name is Star.”