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  • All ads are subject to review and The Villages Daily Sun may, in its sole discretion, edit, classify, reject, edit or cancel at any time, any advertising copy submitted by an Advertiser.  Submission of an advertisement does not constitute a commitment to publish the advertisement. The Villages Daily Sun will not be liable for failure to publish an ad, or for typographical errors, incorrect insertions or omissions in advertising published by the Villages Daily Sun or any resulting losses.
  • All ads placed via our website require pre-payment.
  • Only standard abbreviations are accepted.
  • No refunds on ads stopped after first day of publication.
  • Deadlines are strictly followed so that production goes smoothly. Any advertisements received after the deadline will be held over until the next available publication. Deadlines are subject to change for Holidays.
Publication Day Deadline Time
Monday Thursday by 11:00 AM
Tuesday Monday by 8:00 AM
Wednesday Tuesday by 8:00 AM
Thursday Wednesday by 8:00 AM
Friday Thursday by 8:00 AM
Saturday Thursday by 11:00 AM
Sunday Thursday by 11:00 AM



EMPLOYMENT ADS: Start your employment ad out with the position first. Words that describe a person such as “Salesman” is discriminatory. When in doubt, describe the job and skills needed and not the person.  Example: Salesperson, for busy sporting goods store. Make sure your company adheres to federal EEOC guidelines.

REAL ESTATE/RENTAL ADS: Real Estate and Rental ads may not include any reference, actual or implied, to sex, race, religion, color, national origin, handicap or familial status. Phrases such as, "no children" or "adults preferred" are not accepted and will be deleted from your ad text. Using words that describe a person, such as "non-smoker" is discriminatory. When in doubt, describe the property not the person. Example: "non-smoking apt" or “smoke-free dwelling” is acceptable. "Non-smoker" is not



AUTOMOTIVE ADS: Be sure your ad starts out with The Make, Model and Year, list some of your vehicles best features examples (color, condition, mileage, 2dr, 4 dr, 5 spd, automatic). Also make sure your ad contains the price of the vehicle, classified readers are more prone to respond to an ad that contains a price. Be sure to include your contact information.

EMPLOYMENT ADS: Start your ad out with the position Title.  Clearly list the qualifications required, where workplace is located, you may want to include a salary range, any key benefits offered, equal opportunity statement, and when, where and to whom they need to apply.

MERCHANDISE ADS: Keyword ad. Use words at the very beginning that best describes what you are selling. Example: Sofa leather. Keywords help the reader find what they are searching for faster by keep the items grouped together.
Be sure to include descriptive words, color, size, condition, shape, brand names, etc. Also include the price of your merchandise because classified readers are more prone to respond to an ad that contains a price.  Avoid abbreviations. Make your ad as easy to understand as possible. Be sure to include the best contact numbers and times in your ad.

RENTAL ADVERTISING: Make sure your ad contains the information that consumers are looking for. Include floor plan, number of bedrooms and baths, features, amenities available, rental rate and the best contact information.

Q: Why must I Pre-Pay?
A: All classified ads require pre-payment however we do take Visa or Master Card on-line. Your information is handled on a secure server. If you have additional billing questions please call Classifieds Monday through Friday 8am-5pm at 352-753-1119.

Q: Can I change or cancel my ad on-line?
A:  In order to make changes or to cancel an ad you will need to contact the Classified Dept. Monday through Friday 8am-5pm at 352-753-1119. You can also send an email to: An email confirmation will be sent once your changes/cancellations have been completed. All changes or cancellations will be made according to next available deadlines. No refunds will be given on ads stopped after first day of publication.

Q: Do I have to place my ad online?
A: You can place your ad in person Monday through Friday at The Villages Daily Sun located at 1100 Main Street, by fax at 352-750-2381 or you can place your ad over the phone by calling the Classified Dept. at 352-753-1119.

Q: Will my Real Estate For Sale Ad Appear online?
A: Currently Real Estate for sale ads will only print in The Villages Daily Sun and not on-line.

Q: Will I receive a discount on my ad if the ad is cancelled early?
A: All ads can be cancelled however if the ad is cancelled after deadline for the first run date no refund will be given for early cancellation.

Q: Can I run my ad on a different run schedule than the ones that are posted on-line?
A: Yes we have different run schedules available. Contact The Villages Daily Sun Classified Dept. at 352-753-1119 and a Sales Representative will be able to assist you with placing your advertisement.